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603 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, United States


Fusion Grill

Welcome to Fusion Grille

Welcome to Fusion Grille

Welcome to Fusion GrilleWelcome to Fusion Grille

About Us

Our Founder

Fusion Grille is founded  by Ash Mirchandani who has created many diverse startups in the past few years.  Ash’s passion for exploring different cuisines from around the world and appreciating flavorful food led to creation of  Fusion Grille, a medley of cruisines, a boutique restaurant, where there we blend the flavors to create countless tantalizing and healthy food options. 

With pure genius chef in the kitchen, Ash’s mother Radha is the creator of the secret recipe for Kebabs and Indian Street Rolls which you will find to be tasteful and healthy. Surrounded by a myriad of casual-style dining options, Fusion Grille uniquely offers quality food and great service at affordable prices.

Our Location

We are located in a small, intimate eatery in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas a walking distance from the famous Fremont Street Experience, directly on Las Vegas Boulevard.

We want to share with Southern Nevada Community and our visitors our family best kept secrets with the freshest healthy ingredients. Our goal at Fusion Grille is to deliver the traditional dishes with best and healthy ingredients.

We treat our visitors like family and whether it's our famous Kebobs, Burgers, Bowls or Salads made in our signature recipes, anything in between; we will make sure that when you come to Fusion Grille, you get one of the most satisfying dining experiences possible.

We Serve Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

At Fusion Grille, we want to entertain your palate with the freshest ingredients and flavors, while providing excellent service….  Our  philosophy is deeply rooted in our belief that the cornerstone of our success is the quality of food we serve and the quality of service we deliver. We are constantly striving to ensure you have both!